TouchScreen Thermostats offered by Goodman are high resolution and full color touch screen digital thermostats compatible with cooling and heating systems of Goodman Air conditioning and Heating. It works well with different accessories of residential systems. The product suits for various touch screen models include GTS4271GT, GTS1175, GTS3275, and GTS4275.

Goodman consumer Brochure details about the product features, annual operating cost, and efficiency ratings. The GTS4271GT TouchScreen Model regulates four heating and two cooling stages. It also support electric, gas or heat pump controls. The product is compatible with dual fuel operating systems and is equipped with adjustable timers and dead bands. This switchable programmable or no programmable thermostat is very simple to operate with its easy user interface Programmable fan, set point limiting and outdoor sensor ready is also featured. One can switch between language choices such as English, French and Spanish. The wallpapers and screensavers on the touch screen can be customized.

The product model is assisted with touch screen assistant software that helps a user to customize the features. The position and size of the photos to be set as custom background wallpaper or screensaver on home screen can be adjusted. The software is capable of programming time schedules or configuring installation settings by the comforts of a personal computer. The Goodman dealers can use this software to import logos and contact details to the touch screen thermostat. The application also interacts with Goodman website in order to maintain both the firmware and application of the thermostat updated.

The thermostat touch screen models such as GTS1175, GTS3275, and GTS4275 can be either system or battery powered. One of the greatest features is its large touch screen display of 12 inches. The operations are made easy by extra large touch keys. It also offers an easier navigation with its clean and uncluttered touch screen. An easier low light viewing is enhanced by blue lighted background display. The thermostat is a 7 day, 5/1/1 day non programmable or programmable added with universal dual powered capability. It also features a four temperature and four time settings per program.

The touch screen thermostat has a remote sensing outdoor or indoor unit. It makes for an energy saving of 33 percent of the total cost charged before. The diagnostic indicator notifies the message “Call for service” when any malfunction or damage is detected. Other feature includes dehumidification controls, selectable EMR (Energy Management Recovery) and compressor lock-out security.