Understanding the Main Parts of the Air Conditioner

Knowing the different parts of your air conditioner will help you understand how the entire machine works. This means that you can easily learn how simple air conditioner repairs. As you know, the main parts of the air conditioner are the condenser, compressor, and evaporator.

The compressor is considered to be the heart of the machine and is responsible for gas compression. It is the most important part of the air conditioner and the most expensive, as well. The compressor can be found on the outer portion of the air conditioner. Warranties are placed on compressors. It can also be replaced when they break down. It is a good idea to get replacement compressors from the manufacturer of the air conditioner. However, you should also know that not all manufacturers create their own compressors. If your compressor breaks down, don’t attempt to do the ac repair on your own. This is a problem that can only be dealt with by professional repairmen.

What does the condenser do? After Freon enters the compressor and is compressed into gas, the remaining is cooled, and it releases heat. After which, the Freon enters the condenser, and the condenser is responsible for absorbing the surrounding heat and reconverting it to gas. Also, when the condenser breaks down, do no attempt to do the ac repair. Replacing and repairing condensers is very complicated. Call a professional to do the air conditioner repairs.

Aside from these three main parts, the air conditioner has other lesser parts, as well. These parts are still just as important and are essential in the proper functioning of the air conditioner. The other parts of the air conditioner are the hot and cool coils, two fans, outer covering and the control circuit.

The hot coil dissipates heat, while the cool coil is responsible for absorbing it. The hot coil is found outside, while the cool coil is found inside. As for the two fans, one is located outside and another inside. The control circuit is responsible for temperature modification, and the outer covering is simply the protective covering of the air conditioner.

Most of these parts are hard to tinker with. You’ll have to call a repairman to do air conditioner repairs on these. However, the best thing to do in order to prevent expensive air conditioner repairs is to maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioner because as long as it’s clean, it will definitely function well.

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